"We've Heard Good Things..."

Suppliers, Tech & Other Cool Stuff We Use Or Recommend


These are some people and businesses providing services we've heard or experienced as being good. Click to visit their sites.

  • UrBriskSource - We use the team at Brisk to supplement some of our marketing tasks. What we like is that they can do pretty much everything marketing related for a flat rate $16 an hour, purchase in blocks of 20, 40 or 60 hours. Easy.
  • Diogo is the Brazilian wizard who takes our rough cut videos and makes them look professional. He's good at what he does and turns around work faster than seems humanly possible.
  • 99 Designs - is a unique site providing the ability to connect with skilled graphic designers and other creatives in a number of ways. Good for logos, lead magnets and anything needing polish.
  • Automation Agency - are another unlimited task style marketing support service which we used to use before making the switch from Wordpress. Good, but getting the best bang for your buck can require a little forward planning as their turnaround times aren't what they were.
  • Virtual Business Partners - Mainly for larger firms, and no one is bigger and no other provider is as well proven or secure.
  • 5elk - Customer service is awesome and they're great for practices starting down this path.
  • Quantum Paraplanning - Good reputation according to program members and have been around long enough to suggest they've got it together
  • Prospera - Another firm given a good rap by program members, and able to provide DIY and outsourced support
  • MyProsperity -  Seem to be ahead of the pack and on the right track, though you'll still need a good implementation plan
  • MapMyPlan - Amazing DIY advice generator who were the first to get their output signed off by ASIC. Market leading
  • Implemented Portfolios - Great team who have been doing this in their own unique way long enough to passionately believe in their model.
  • Sam Hawke - Sam knows her stuff and will give solutions rather than just intepretations.
  • Integrity Compliance - Another real expert in the space and someone I turn to when I want straight advice.
  • Upwork - All our best hires have come through here and you can find any skill you need at any price point.
  • Striver - Alisdair Barr and his team have make huge leaps since starting the process of connecting the best young talent in the country with the best practices, and the platform is worth being on for anyone who is interested in recruiting and developing a top-class team.
  • Clique Paraplanning - Pretty responsive, under promise, and overdeliver. Communications with the paraplanner are no problem. Business management and communications need work.
  • InWealth - Good quality services but expensive.
  • Rocket Services - A bit cheaper than onshore
  • Purpose Paraplanning
  • TNT paraplanning services


This is the tech we've found particular useful in our business or recommended to clients.
Click to visit their sites.

  • Fiverr.com - Good for dipping your toes into some online "sparkle" cheaply.
  • ActiveCampaign - We've tried many different email marketing tools, but this one offers the perfect blend between price and functionality.
  • Teamwork Projects - We use them and there's no better workflow management tool at the price point or ease of implementation
  • Missive - The "looks exactly like email" combined with integration, functionality and price make this a great tool for simplifying email management within a team.
  • Voxer - It's hard to explain exactly what Voxer is, but what it does is replace long-form emails and makes the process of communicating with clients and the team much more effective.
  • Otter.ai - We converted over to using this AI-driven transcription service almost as soon as it was released and use it for everything from file notes, blogs, processes and more.
  • Rev - Audio transcription is the future and when you need it done right fast, this is our go-to
  • iPad Pro + Pencil + Notability  - I've used this in 99% of webinars and coaching sessions since buying it. Possibly the best $1,000 ever spent.
  • Fin365 - A hugely promising CRM designed by a planner who used to be a Microsoft product designer in the US
  • Worksorted - Another promising CRM that has got rave reviews
  • Midwinter - One of the early market leaders in the next gen of FP CRMs
  • Zoom - Simply the best platform for stability, price and functionality at this level
  • Grammarly -  Literally works in the background like it's part of the furniture
  • Calendly - There are many tools that do the same thing, but this is the one we use and have found
  • SocialHP - Admittedly we bought ours on a lifetime pricing deal, but we really like the functionality this provides that automates or pre-schedules our posting
  • Snip.ly - This is kind of a "can't believe this is allowed" tool. Basically allows you to post other people's content yet direct the traffic to join your mailing list.
  • Jotform - Again, there are many tools in this space, but this (despite not being the best looking) has a long list of very useful functiionality.
  • Pocket - Allows us to capture interesting articles for later usage in social media posts
  • Loom - The fastest way to record screen-based training or simple video messages
  • Endorsal.io - The best tool for collecting testimonials and posting them on your site effortlessly.


A collection of other awesome stuff we think it worth knowing about.
Click to visit their sites.

  • AliExpress - Great for Welcome kits and electronics
  • Cubic Promote - Wide range of good quality products you'd actually want to buy'
  • Gyroscope - What isn't measured doesn't get managed, including your personal wellbeing.
  • XY Adviser - Good source of informaiton
  • Original Bootcamp - Nothing else has changed my life for the better than this habit
  • BridgeClimb - There are few event locations that we've run workshops at that had as much of a WOW factor
  • AppSumo - AppSumo is a regular haunt giving us the chance to buy/ trial lifetime plans for software that looks promising