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Kickstart your marketing and make it count.

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Make 2021 the year you nail it.

Week 1 starts by making sure you have the right message to communicate. We'll (re)define your market, the message that will get the most traction and how to deliver it via a number of different mediums, then map out the three advice funnels every practice needs to control.

In Week 2, we cover the first two of your lead funnels, diving into strategies and scripts to make asking for and receiving referrals easier, and how to form more productive COI partnerships with the right kind of businesses.


In Week 3, we'll cover off on how to supplement it all with the third funnel, your digital one, covering where and how to use everything from Google Adwords to facebook marketing, from websites to content marketing and more.


93% of online courses never get finished, and certainly never achieve the result intended.

Fast Track is about getting the result.


Live Training

3 live, interactive sessions over 3-weeks.

Project Focus.

Step-by-step implementation plan.

Take Action.

Clear actions each week with  accountability.

Fully Templated

All the templates and tools you'll need.

Personal Support

You'll be coached every step of the way.

Work with Peers

Be part of a group of others working together

Additional Training

 8-weeks access to supplementary content.

Proven Methodology

The system that helps our clients achieve more.


Week 1 kicks off with access to course materials via our program portal, meeting your peers who will be part of it with you and a small and very manageable piece of work to get your prepped for what's ahead.

Session 1 we dive straight in with a "camera-on", interactive session where we do the strategic planning together. Post session, you'll get the chance to receive and give peer feedback and finalise your strategic plan

Session 2 we plan the year and share peer insight into the opportunities ahead. Once the session is done, you'll know what you're aiming for, targets to track and have a clear plan of attack from day  to day 365.

Session 3 we ensure marketing is part of the year ahead. We cover market, message and funnels, get clear on how to convert prospects into clients and lay some tracks around marketing to existing clients.


Current Leveraged Members


Participation in Fast Track is included for both current Leveraged & Leveraged Online members
Non-Leveraged members


All Live Training
8 week access to all content & recordings
Coaching support for the duration
Supporting tools, templates and workbooks
Full program participation


Hi. I'm Stewart Bell, Business Coach and Founder of Audere.

For the last two decades I've been helping advisers, accountants and financial experts to build better business, and the last seven of those have been spent working in the space between progressive advisory models and the methodologies that fuel fast-growth tech startup firms.

I'm excited to share with you the fruits of that work, proven practical solutions across a range of areas, all highly relevant to advice firms, and tested, honed and proven from within The Leveraged Advice Firm program.

I'm even more excited to work with you personally to put these to work in your own business to help you create more impactful, profitable and efficient ways of working, to enable you to give more great advice to those who need and want it.


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