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In the space where tech-thinking

 meets quality advice...

...the business of advice leaps forward.

The business of advice leaps forward.

The Leveraged Advice Firm program led by Stewart Bell, is a curriculum, community, resource library and coaching program for practice owners building  advice business models of the future.

If your business is seeking to break through into consistent profit, systemise, achieve efficiency and ultimately automate and leverage your business beyond dependency on the people who founded it, this program has been designed specifically for you.

The Leveraged Business Model is about doing three things consistently better than most...


Market | Convert | Onboard


Offer | Price | Experience


Team | Systems | Efficiency

And now, in the spirit of openness, let me share one key thing about The Leveraged Advice Firm program.

It's not inexpensive.

The program is very much a "hands-on" coaching experience.

To achieve a return on your investment, you and your team will be need to implement between two to six strategies during your first twelve months.

We will create a clear plan together - both a five-year vision and a twelve-month roadmap with clear targets, projects and actions - and you will be asked to commit to achieving the results.

You will need to be accountable, show up, show your work and share what's working in your business with peers (just as they will be asked to share their inside stories with you).

It will transform your practice.



Leveraged has grown to include over 100 modules, covering a wide range of relevant topics and supported by over 500 tools, templates, visual tools, process maps and worksheets. 


You'll be part of a group of progressive advice business owners sharing a common focus and working together to achieve greater outcomes.



Leveraged is not a group coaching program and 1:1 coaching will be a big part of what drives you forwards and solves the issues holding you back.

It works like this...

If you're interested in understanding more about the way Leveraged works, here's the next step...

You can get started by entering your work email below.

Please note: generic emails such as Gmail, Yahoo and other free services won't be accepted. Please use your business email.

Once verified, you'll be taken through an application about where your business is at and where you'd like to be.  

If you don't feel like providing any information, I understand, but it also means that I won't be able to help you.

Once submitted, either:

1) We’ll you know very politely why Leveraged may not be the right program for you right now, or 

2) we’ll reach out to make further contact and work out whether we’re personally a good fit too.

No pressure, no hassle and definitely no hard sell. If you're in, great. If not, that's cool too.


Hi. I'm Stewart Bell, Business Coach and Founder of Audere.

For the last two decades I've been helping advisers, accountants and financial experts to build better business, and the last seven of those have been spent working in the space between progressive advisory models and the methodologies that fuel fast-growth tech startup firms.

I'm excited to share with you the fruits of that work, proven practical solutions across a range of areas, all highly relevant to advice firms, and tested, honed and proven from within The Leveraged Advice Firm program.

I'm even more excited to work with you personally to put these to work in your own business to help you create more impactful, profitable and efficient ways of working, to enable you to give more great advice to those who need and want it.





No matter the reason, if acccpted to join the Leveraged Advice Firm program but during your first 30 days membership you decide it isn't right for you, we'll refund your membership fee.

No hassle, no stress.